At work so

I write about work. Waiting for sales team to get here. Latte done, parked on some Berkeley street. Today I make work more the work. Make it work for me, and more than it already does. Sitting in car with music still present in cabin I think of this morning waking up at 4 and how now it speaks to me. Really speaks to me. Not sure the espresso shots in this cup’ll help that much. I’ll see. I’ll learn.

No lunching out today, I write. And if I do (so much for fortitude, there), drive self and be by self. Work. Write. Like other day in Aroma Roasters in Railroad Square. Wind helping with how stuffy it is in this car.

See self at home, writing for blog and book. How did I get here, right here in this company vehicle. No grievance, just deeper and furthered consideration of what’s Me, now, in this Now. Cars pass by on Euclid… Regal Road. That’s where I am, Regal and Euclid. Thought I parked in the shade, but not so… Took off jacket and put over bag. Took laptop with me. Will find café, somewhere, and work, rather than just eat either in partial silence or over a conversation that’s plainly a plain conversation. I need to work. On this new book idea and whatever else I can to get me traveling. Of course, head went to wine. Why wouldn’t it. That’s what started me blogging. Then teaching. Literature. Writing, the act and habit and practice of pages, words, emotions and Nows. What I have is this– me in a car in Berkeley, waiting to streets with a sales team, narrate from the company’s voice and beat. This company, more than just teaching me about tech and internet, business and what be– but about me. Writing. Teaching self, meditation.

They should be here any moment. Should have used restroom. Latte talking to me, reminding me to mind time, always. Want the book done in 20 days. Who knows if they’ll happen. Wait… why say that. I doubt Sonic’s founder, Dane, thought “Who knows if this is going to work…” Maybe he did, but I’m sure with more confidence and octave than what I just wrote. I will finish that goddamn book, and do something with it. Car passes me. I feel tired. Should find a restroom really quick. No… stay put. Stay writing. Stay learning.

The clock doesn’t mean anything at the moment. I’m working. Working from work to other countries and learning about me and this spot, where I am in this car and how I got here. The philosophy of it all, and the questions embedded.