Morning with babies.  Relaxing, on a day off.  Yes.  A day off. 

For me.  Can’t wait till tomorrow to be back in office new, learning anything I can and building with a new team… new ideas and projects, creative, new ideas to share and… everything.  More than an “exciting” time for me.  This is a principle re-write.  Of so much in my story and character.  This is the IT I’ve been writing about, thinking of, envisaging for years.  And now.. just before 40, I’ve arrived.


Yesterday writing about waking early and my obsession with, my barista buddy who wakes at 2-something to be in the shop around 3, or a tick after.  This morning up at 6:30, about, then resting eyes as Dad says for 5 minutes. Then up.  Play with Jack for a bit and daughter up right after,   Jack talking tirelessly about his most recent loose tooth.  ‘Nother cup of medium roast here in home just made.  I will grade papers, today.  I will.  Learn from the students… obsess in each day of this final semester.  Each one.  Each interaction is something to write.  Each student in a story.  Each walk from the C Lot to Emeritus is something to put to page.

Haven’t sipped the coffee, yet.  Just thinking, about tomorrow, class in evening, the next day, the week, next weekend.  Need to write my business plan for week.  Where I want to be on Friday, concerning understanding of wha this new company offers and how to speak the narrative in a storyteller’s sow.  This morning, the babies help me write and defeat the last of whatever held my writing in place and injects a quake of angst and mummified me in overthought.  The re-write is no where near cruising altitude.  More climb, more flight, more perspective for the writer.