One of those mornings where you know.  You just know. 

Photo on 6-13-17 at 8.00 AMWhat you’re to do, keep doing, and you see that you’ve been doing it, your IT, the whole time.  Now, just time to intensify.  In all directions.  That singular thing you are, what you do, now time to set yourself into a madly creative blaze and bravado— one unstoppable and tireless, one that attracts you even further into what you do.

The morning sings to you in all its corners and turns, with each minute changing on the clock.  Even ten seconds forward you feel more bold, more fearless and eager to do IT.  The IT to it all, your all.  If you encounter this sensation, ever, don’t pause.  Don’t think or deliberate excessively or even mildly.  Just act, react to the atmosphere of your voltage-folded and unfolding day.  It’s more than just a positive vibe, but a newly told thesis in your story, your character, getting closer to your there.  Move… move more… write more of your manuscript this morning.  Of course if you’re like this wild scribbler, you’re writing… but, whatever you do, whatever creative universe has you a leaping luminary this morrow, follow.  And yes, follow it blindly.  Keep with your keep, your current current.

The only mind you should accept in your life is one as this, where you know.  You know where you’re going, what you are— the who and the why.  Complimenting your composition and currency in the early hours.  Let it carry you till bed beckons, and even then resist sleep and fight to hold this new animation.  The day presents itself, offering new ideas and sight which you utilize and empty for this mission of yours.  You know what the end-call is.  It’s yours.  Your story, your life, your movement, manuscript and beat.  It, your IT, has landed again, this time with more gavel.  So… go.