It’ll be here soon.

Buds pushing, then visibly breaking. Flowering, set, then the clusters. Same cycle every year but entirely different.

When selling wine, talk about the vineyard, the vintage and the conditions, how the vineyard was shaped by both. If it’s and AVA or county blend, talk about that. If the state’s name’s in the bottle, speak in that state and why it’s prominent as a growing region. What was the weather like there, in that lot, region, state. If you don’t know, educate yourself. I’ve found this is how you speak the language of the wine your representing, educating people on and in.

2018, vineyards all over the county and state… what will the vineyards say, what we all want to know. Or maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m impatient. But there’s no way to know, yet. Just have to wait, then we’ll have something to say.