a thousand wines project


img_1648Raw tell from old world, that expression you expect from Médoc, and swirling around me with promise and sentences expressive in ways I’ve never quite known, or not yet, not till I met this bottle.  Raw, unfettered fruit and texture, general lecture and debate with palate but pleasurable.  Speaking loudly but with tall grace and wanting to be heard and loved.  This red forwards with its most, piano-like recital, spoken word with deep sensory dark cherry and ild berry echoes and shapes, ghostly movements and calls.  I feel like I should be more orthodox in my reaction, but this wine if any summons verse, music and art from the sipper—  To step past and far from the expected.  The deep and murky, nearly codified ambience of the structure and scene of the wine distinguishes itself from others of its region.  I just sipped, scribbled notes, not knowing what was around me and only into the puddle— bewitched and demanded.