a thousand wines project


The character in the glass transforms herself into something more syncopated and elated, with each sip, with each turn of berry or spice, some ground and burnt stone, pepper, maple and seared bacon edge…. But her intentions aren’t to be Syrah paradigm, but to defy.  She approaches and hovers in questions and solutions, and sped theses only to slow and let you more know about her story— the vintage, Washington wines definitively.  She’s her own scene, and for Syrah-seekers she even more clearly and coherently conveys her convictions.

Didn’t pair her with any dish type, as I am one of those Syrah look-for-ers, have been for years.  And this bottle, recommended heartily by a friend whose counsel I’ll seek till my story’s end.  She catapults more energy and concise movements and palate positioning .  No time with this bottle— timeless, time warp, warps, the flavor assembly multiplies but not with excess.  And, not “just enough”.  She’s more than a measure of quantity and quality.  Enigmatic, anomalous she is, with all her connections and twists.

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