excerpt from Cellar Shelves, chapbook 1… available soon!

…I’m told to condense more, consolidate in the metaphoric bottle— no, vineyard row, like when in the morning first thing I do is walk, take my pictures, let the atmosphere speak to me and tell me to do what it tells me to do.  One picture I find, taken early one morning before class, at a vineyard I visited after wanted to go for so long.  I stared, admiring the fog, the way the mud felt under soles, everything about everything there.  I couldn’t think, I remember, so entrapped by the visuals at my fore.  Taken and taught by everything there, and here in this café looking at the vines, people, grape clusters, all in my camera and I’m in my camera as I was there when I pushed the button.  My philosophy may be to care so much about wine that I don’t care.  That I just react.  That I don’t try to define wine so much as just simply stay amoureux.  Always amoureux.  Why wouldn’t I be…


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