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More Wine Than I’ve Ever Been

img_0085-1Lunch break… listening to computer read the vino letter a jour to me.  Hard to write and listen to my own writing, but I have to do it.  Got no writing last night done… first night in the Autumn Walk Studio in over 4 weeks.  But I’m filled positive ides and tides, strolls and says, today.  No vineyard walk today, really, but did get out into vineyard with some old friends from MN.  We drove around a couple blocks and stopped at the Petit Verdot, enjoyed the calls from birds, all the sounds and whatever gusts us touched.  Glad I took this break, now, this time and moment, here with my own voice that’s not mine.  The computer reads my prose but it doesn’t sound like me… well, it’s not, but it is.  Has me thinking of the Calluna Merlot I had last night with wife and her friend.  I’m confirmed in this shop idea.. my wine retail, sales, marketing, creative business.  Jackie and I in the shop together.. I can see it.  It will happen.  It has to come to fruition.  Like I said in the letter, the prospect of my son and I, wife and daughter too, the family having its own business, a shop, walls that house a dream realized… I can’t let it go, I can only see wha tI want and what I’m convinced I need to have.  Wines standing out to me today, saying something distinct more than others, the Sonoma Coast Pinot, ’15, and the Carneros Chardonnay, ’14.  The wines and that Petit Verdot block have me taking notes while writing and listening to the computer read my writing from yesterday.

Should write about the Calluna Merlot, but I need a freewrite, to be utterly free in my creatively bizarre and wild degree.  The wines recite on their own and I chime in, sometimes, or all the time.  I’m a wine writer but not.. not a translator, or wild admirer, today I’m feeling.  Then what I am?  Hard to categorize but I know I need to.  Wine is a dimension with more dimensions in it than you can just inventory on some spreadsheet, on some clipboard.  Its intensity of music and delivery, Personhood punctuation and proverbially demonstrative talk, all about my circuitry and visions today.  I’m seeing myself in the store, my store, with little Keoruac, arranging books and then getting on the phone to call a couple clients about some new wine arrivals.  Jackie comes in to tell me he’s hungry.  I send him to the closest store to get us both sandwiches.  He asks me if I’ll come with him, I say “sure” and put the ‘Be Back’ sign on the door.

Me and wine… talking to each other through a ramble and rumble and sped collection of moments.  She reminds us that time is not there.  It’s in no one specific locality.  It’s always moving.  Move quicker than it.  Wine reminds this writer, today, that I only have so much time here and I don’t know when and where that last page is.  So move quicker, create quicker… sip more, and write.