img_520812:51…. Coworker bought me an El Far’ burrito.  In kitchen writing.  Haven’t sold a thing yet today.  Not sure what I’m thinking, in terms of my shop… what day is it?  Day 11.  Need to be in store, or office if I’m online only by Day 365.  Keep tasting wines.. “Would I sell it?  Could I?  Would I enjoy selling it, whatever I’m tasting…” In head.  Keep that in thought bowl.

Defining wine…. A conversation, a place, an “experience” yes, but a story contributor… a story storm, stories meeting stories— a meditation, pages and pages of reactions and thoughts on what happened when you, me, we sipped that wine.

Lunch break at a winery, in kitchen, tasted two Pinots, the Zin… Chardonnay.. Cabernet and not that moved by its stretch.  Can I sell it, yes, but I need to write.. write my relationship with it and that’ll take time.  You rarely taste a wine and are with micro-blink a smitten drone.  That’s how it is, though, in wine world, its industry, being a wine writing fool like the one writing this foolish lunch break take— you won’t love everything, and you can’t taste everything.

Taking break from burrito and thinking about my business plan for day’s rest… how to put numbers on board as we’re right now only at $200-something.  This IS my shop, my gig, my story, my investment.  No?  Treat it so.

Notes on wines… idea— taste a thousand different wines and write something on each, any length… 1,000 different wines.. different producers, all.  Or… no, they can be from same house, but 1,000 different bottles.  I’ll have the Meeker Cab Franc I opened last night be #1.  In character, that all 1,000 would be in my shop.  Sell each.  So… the next thousand wines I taste, has to be by Day 365… this could be tricky.  Or not.  Just get to work… taste wine… lots.  LOTS.  A lot of lots, from all counties and producers and vintages, varietals… who gives a fuck, just taste, keep tasting.  Always be tasting.  Everyday.