Invest in something.  Like what.  I don’t know.  Start with the two checks coming in tonight.  Generate and make your own money… aside from the winery, the JC…. Brainstorming…. Keep all simple, clean, clear..

Class 1, done.  Collecting in conference room as I always do.  Thought how much of the truest and purest form of me I am when in a classroom, discussing with students and sharing ideas.  More so than anywhere else, I’m seeing.

Feeling a little stress, with not reading my NaNo book.  What if Just powered through it— Wait, I should want to read my own work, right?  Tonight.. read at least ten pages.  Shoot for 20.  But 10 will be more realistic to realize in that you’re in the hotel still and—  Boring…

Toward the end of the semester we have to keep it all under a lens.  All our priorities and projects.  Inventory.  Write out a map, plan, detail of your exploration.  Don’t self-doubt, even an inch, nothing.

7-point-something miles this morning,  over 800 calories.  While on the tread for that hour and five minutes I thought of the Big Sur marathon, how I want to do it…. Need to train, run more.  Invest in that.  Definitely.  Not thinking about wine that much right now as I am about teaching… the act of educating.  Writing, reading, Composition, writing your own composition.  Where am I going with this… don’t know.  I’m getting old.  No more planning, wondering.  Just do.

Have to get to class… hear people sneezing, someone, and again.  Can’t get sick.  I won’t.  I have so much to get done and any cold or flu or fucking bug will disrupt my diligence.

To class….