NaNoWriMo, 2 Days

In class with one student, listening to some Hotel Costes mix I found on YouTube.  Not much planned for meeting and I’m not planning much for meeting.  Going to speak freely and be free and see what ideas are generated….  Fruit shows up during harvest, the winemaking team may or may not know where it’s going or what they want to do with it, how they want to treat it or what.  So that’s where I am, using time against itself.  Further I get in my wine story, my story of writing wine is to be so into the one moment that time ceases, it stops, it loses its connotation and denotation.  What I’ll talk to them about today, is just that… time.  Where we are in the semester and how we’ll get what we want.  ‘Cause ultimately, that’s what all this is— getting something we want.  Reasoned that I won’t work out tonight but do some pushups and situps while the kids eat, watch a little cartoon.  I’ll get up early, like 03:00-something, as I have been everynight, or morning, and go.  No joke, each morning, I’ve risen at 3-something.  Last night, waking at 11-ish, or 23:30-ish.  We again went to bed rather assiduously.  So…. That’s the plan for now.  And not for the aim or sakes of opening wine and tasting but yes that is what I’ll do tonight, a bit.  At 3, head downstairs, run.  Check out treadmill, make sure it has a little ledge or secure spot for phone, so it doesn’t go flying like last week’s early run at ’24’.

12:28—  Have to use restroom but don’t want to.  Write… tasting flight for tonight, or tasting mission, sketch I want to sketch and character I want to survey, I think, is the Meeker CF.  Could use a little Cab Franc in my life.  Have to get little littles from school.  Of course I won’t forget, I never have been even close to forgetting to pick them up, but need to see the total scene and sequence for day.  Just wrote on today’s plan, “Why not just talk?” Yeah, indeed.  Why not?  Why does everything have to be so formal and procedural?  I feel my business side getting stronger and readying for the day when I have my own shop… my elucidations and deconstruction of the wine, my literary communications, on non-overillustrated tag, or plaque, or card, tablet.

The student and I continue to write our respective selves on laptops.  Not sure what she writes, but I’m over here just darting toward my wined There… me in the shop… this could be my shop.. just two customers (now 2 of mes étudiants in room).  Me working over here in corner, quiet, but available for questions, needed answers and explanations if NEEDED.  Though I’d rather not be bothered, if you must know.

Wine, my eventual shop, business, all the characters bottled I’ll be carrying, the preeminent metaphor for everything.  In my life, and Life.