Between classes. 

Let the 1A crew out a little early, but kept them later than I thought I would.  Need to re-charge my grading, this most recent wave of papers, but when.  Tonight, make yourself do ten.  That’s it.  Just ten.

In shared office for adjuncts.  Shame, was looking forward to writing in the conference room but there’s some meeting or some something going on there.  Feel like I need more coffee… or maybe one of those waters from the bookstore.  Haven’t eaten anything yet today but I don’t feel the least famished or affected by food’s void in my day.  So I write on and continue my story… my pages—  My moments my truths my learning my self-education my amusement and love of everything around me.

Reading On The Road with the 1A section, this semester most notably, has me seeing everything around me as a propellent to the Road, my Road.  This mostly-drank sparkling bottle of Crystal Geyser water, at my left… think I know whose it is and then I realize it could be anyone’s… have no idea how many adjuncts use this office but I’m nearly certain it’s not singular in digit.

$7 budgeted for day, and haven’t touched a cent of it.  How much are one of those waters?  Will I have enough left for a snack?  This is what you think about as an adjunct between your classes, aside other thought-pats.

Rise and keep rising, I wrote this morning on one of my social media accounts.  And that’s what I’m doing… I refuse anything else.  And in the spirit and sound of Newness, I won’t allow any declination of altitude.  Ever.

Everything’s connected, all is contingent on the next note.  Here I go.. to get one of those waters.  Decided, more than a singular scale of notes.