fullsizeoutput_18faHave to leave in 12 minutes.  But what if I just call in sick?  No.. meet with classes, at least.  Yes, I’ll do that.  Speed work tonight, at gym.  7 miles demanded, then half-marathon timing run on Thursday.

Little girl walks into this nook, with her mother waiting for her coffee.   Latte ordered, called out, they disappear.  That girl’s only intention and decision was to explore this room, be happy, play.  We, grown folk, need to study these little ones more.

Not sure I’ll finish my coffee refill.  I’ll take it with me to school, drink what I can, or want to, or need to.  Woke a little groggy but snapped out of it.

Seeing so much for myself and my family, this morning.  I’m profusely optimistic, with everything, but the zen about my Personhood doesn’t let me get too happy or out of control.

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