hear son waking.  No matter.  Knew this session wouldn’t last that long.  Surprised I accomplished as much as I did.  Credit wife with her early wake to get me out of bed and down here writing.  Ready for day.  Now, need iron clothes, shave, pack bag and go to store to get something for work.  Should start now… do anything.  Brush teeth, pick out clothes… anything.  Pack bag.  Yes… I’ll start there.  Son is up.. day starts.  Keep character composition composed…

Maybe I should go upstairs and close my eyes.  Just for a minute, no?  Need a little rest.  So, yes.  Happy with what I did this morning.  Not often I’m on couch writing at this hour, much as I’d love to brag that this IS my writing habit.  Maybe from now forward, because of this morning, because of wife waking early to meet her running group, it will be.


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