VLJ, done.  Just have to edit.  Still at Windsor Starbucks.  Headed to Lancaster.  Place here is finally pretty crowded.  Only one or maybe two sips of my iced coffee.  Can’t remember.  Need a wine to write about this evening.  What do I want?  Should treat self to something somewhat nice.  But what?  Shit… just noticed it’s 09:02.  And I forgot I have class tonight.  On such a writing roll I’ve made myself a mess… ‘Mikey-a-Mess’, I sometimes write.  In HST mode… everything around me speaking to me in its own tongue and imagist curve, and I’ve only had coffee—  And I’ve NEVER done drugs, so you know.  People order their coffees, I know I have to go but I don’t want to.. ugh.  Just get up, Mike… unplug and re-attach later.  Maybe write at the Jimtown store… OR, at Hook & Ladder Winery, at one of those tables for picnicking.  Yeah… Newness, remember?  New experiences and sights, feels and languages..  This day doesn’t have a chance against me.  Took a beating yesterday.  But not today.  I’m already overwhelming the hours with all I’ve written, typed.  But I have to put my books together.  Why am I holding off and procrastinating with that?  Doesn’t matter, just keep going.