On lunch….

Edit VLJ newsletter, loosely, sent email to clients.  Crackers and cheese for lunch, which I paid an arm and a leg for, and am not too enthused about.  Staring out at Cabernet blocks from this second floor, wanting heat.  It’s like a meat locker in here.  What’s the temp outside?  Should find out.  Working and not stopping… will get newsletter out later.  Have to.  And plan on enjoying wine tonight, make not. mistake.

What to do next… have a tour and tasting at.. what, 2?  Then… class later.  4 minutes left on lunch.  Should start packing up.  Have always said that 30 minutes is never enough time.  And I’m sure managers would say, “Well.. that’s plenty of time to eat.” Yeah, well, some of us have projects, are writers, have dreams and goals and push tirelessly toward what we want and where we see ourselves.  Don’t worry, readers… I’m not in a mood, or grumpy, just quaking with ambition today, especially after hearing a family friend passed away.  Life is short, and I’m going to make it do whatever I want. I won’t give it a choice.