Not in the mood to work.  It’s Father’s Day.  I should be home with my family, I feel.  But no.  I’m working for them.  I do all this, for them.  Need more caffeine.  Have to clock in and get to work, but I’m here early in this quiet building while it’s hotter than the inside of hell’s outdoor trash bin, outside here.  In a mood and I need to write myself out. Should clock in but don’t want to.  Have to straighten up after event last night, which is always fun.  Just went out there, actually not bad at all (more than I can say for other wineries I’ve worked at, that’s certain).  In fact there’s only really a couple things to do, so no complaints.  IF anything, I should take a page from their book, be as organized as these events crews.

Take a page.  Hell… take three.  Sipping my sparkling cherry water, thinking of how much I want to just be home with the babies and wife, but I have to rack that sentiment into the present, focus on my Now.  Have caffeine, use restroom, get tasting room set up.  Work on client writings later, then my own writings, build this Mike Madigan brand.. words, wine.. health, education, literature, Philosophy/Thought.  Have my business plan.. get on the clock, get to work, start… start!