6/15/17—  Midmonth? 

Already?  Wow, time truly doesn’t care.  But I do.  So I make the best of what I have here, in terms of time, this first of my last two full days off before Summer Semester starts.  Sinus discomfort going away, may take another Advil… meeting at 10:30 with prospective client… of it feels amazing to write.  Why do I feel like I haven’t written in days when I DID write yesterday on lunch.  Only got out 500 or so words for newsletter and didn’t post anything to blog— well, here I am, readers.  More than ready for my day and for my writing and needing this quiet of the house, my Autumn Walk Studio.  Going for a walk later with wife, run tonight at gym hopefully, get conditioned for planned run on Tuesday with my winemaker friend.  We’re planning on launching from Lancaster and circling the property, one massive circle around the property and the properties around the property.  Can’t wait, really.

Taking a break from the coffee this morning, sipping what’s left of a sparkling cherry water I bought the other night after my speedwork.  Just shy of 7 miles… think I hit 6.98.  “SHIT!” I remember saying in my head and nearly aloud when the belt stopped.  Not bad though, really.  Haven’t got that close in a while.  Not sure why I’m focusing on that right now, should be writing some verse or some poetry since yesterday leaving Lancaster I had this colossal inner push to write more poetry and write more musical and poetical when writing prose— so then naturally I now ask myself, “Am I doing that here?”

No wine tonight.. just running and writing, planning for Summer.  Have a very optimistic taste in the writer’s mouth concerning this Summer.  Why, don’t know.  Maybe from changing as an educator, and how I’ve changed my outlook on life itself, recognizing I’m a father and I need to be a certain way for my babies— I need to be the ‘papa of all bloggers’, and the ‘tireless writer’ I brag I am.  No excuses, not even when I’m sick or have some sinus aches like I did this morning.  Have to say, I’m proud of how I reacted, getting in car and rushing to Walgreens, buying some Advil then coming home, popping one, and getting to writing, getting to WORK.  Oh… this Summer will be life-changing, career-propelling.  The story’s going to change.  I know it…

09:20—  Work isn’t work for me.  It’s just me.  Me for me.  Can’t get enough of me and I don’t care who knows.  That’s probably what bothered me most about the sinus ache, was that I thought it might get in the way of getting shit done today.  But no.  I won’t let it.   I’m a cross now between a leopard and a butterfly, a snack and a hawk… a train and a tulip.  Whatever that means I don’t know I just know that I don’t know about myself as much as I once measured.  But that’s what days like today are for.

09:40.  Took care of a couple things, made a couple notes, sent out VLJ letter.  The 6th.  Proud that I’ve followed through as I have with this effort.  Need to build with it, somehow… keep with it and use as a vehicle.. for sales, marketing, branding, all.