So far…  One tour.  

They didn’t buy any wine, but I got to pour wine and talk about the story that is Lancaster as I always do, and that was enough to get my day off to a vocal scape.  Snacking on some Rustic Bakery cracker “coins” or something that we sell downstairs, somehow laced with peppers or some kind of spice, just enough to hold me over until whatever I wind up having for dinner.  Event at one of the sister wineries that entails burgers, so I may just eat there.  After this short stream of sentences, I’ll go for a walk around the vineyard a bit, then maybe again though the cave… we’ll see.  Winemaking team tasting me on a base blend of the propriety red they put out every year, the one everyone’s after, as well as the blending components— ones that made it into the blend and others that didn’t.  How each factor IS a factor in wine, winemaking, how consumers should know sometimes I think and then other times I’m of the decision that they’re better off just focusing on the sips they’re in.

Working at a winery’s an interesting, sometimes daunting, sometimes comical, sometimes education, and then other times dizzying ring of a job.  Today seems to be everything tied into one shape.  I won’t go through each of the tags I just talked, but I’m seeing today in a way I haven’t, typing on this second floor of the Lancaster main building, sitting where the old Wine Club Manager (when I was here in ’12) used to sit, work, be on calls and speak to people with precision and sometimes viciousness.  I ask myself, “Where am I going with this?” And by ‘this’ I mean WINE.  Am I just one of those wine journalists or bloggers that writes about wine or do I see something and feel something in this collective that no one else has before summoned?

People on my tour, from Ohio, been out here several times and we talked about the wines in the cave library, how each tastes, how ’12 and ’13 are combatting battalions of wines and how each character has not only conviction but a certain set of streaming songs— wife liked the ’12, as did hubby, and I strangely preferred the ’13, which is peculiar as I (always telling people this) principally enjoy 2012’s vintage and general body and character to 13’s voluminous and expensively aggressive posture.  Of course I’m not a somm’, I’m not a winemaker or “professional wine judge”, whatever that means.  I just write about wine.  I’m just a customer.  I just love wine and write about it in my wild literary fashion… so am I an authority? No.  I don’t want to be a wine “authority”.  Of any kid or extremity.  Wine welcomes community and conversation.  It markets itself.  And “it” is more than an “it”.  Need my cave walk, go see the cordons.  Should be out there.  That will help me sell, write, be, talk, enjoy.