05:55.  Alarm going off

at 05:15, as did Alice’s, to get her to spin class held at 6.  She did, leaving house a little over ten minutes ago I think.  Me on couch with little Kerouac.  Have entire day to Self.  What do I do?  Run.  Write.  May go to Kenwood to taste a little wine and blog and write.  Tired.. keep rubbing my eyes.  Bought coffee yesterday on grocery run, but it was decaf.  Didn’t take it back as I thought I could use it for a night capping of sorts, but I didn’t go back to get actual coffee since Jack and I were already up to bat in the checkout line.  So I try to keep self awake with typing, thinking, thinking about this book, the next book, the port I opened last night (something I hardly ever do but have been a bit lately, slowly sipping to my end-of-day inner drawings).  Think… think about day.  What can I do.. how to stay constantly productive and creative.  Money tight, and on mind, but I can’t let that puncture my mood and my optimism with having the day.

And just like that, an idea.  Not going to write it here in fears I’ll hex myself and nothing will get done.  But I found a solution, or rather heard one spoken internally.  Will start construction when the house is all to self.  But.. how do I get coffee?  No way.  Emma’s still sleeping, and Jackie’s in his jammies, as am I.  Have to be patient.  But I’m not patient.  Well, I have to be.  And you know me and patience.  Well, too bad.  Jackie tells me how excited he is to go to the hotel because he’s never been there before, but wishes I could come with them, and that he’s going to miss me.  Now my thoughts are everywhere.  Everywhere.  Have to channel, have to funnel, have to move quick.  First business order— run.  Can still feel the eight miles I did from the winery, Wednesday, but I have to get out today.  May drive to Kenwood and rather than wine-taste run the Lawndale course.  Wow… haven’t done that in some time.  Launch from Kunde or the Kenwood Market, and add a couple miles toward its end.  OR, should I run Fountaingrove, or around here?  Stop thinking about it so much.  “Trust your gut.” As Heidi Barrett told me in that ’10 interview.  Okay… well… my “gut” tells me to launch from here.  Why complicate it?  Why drive over 15 minutes to run when I can literally step outside my front door.  Done.  It comes back to patience.  Wait for the answer to present itself.

I have the whole day.  Wine writing.  The wilder the better.  Jackie gets up to use the restroom and I lift my head to see the cartoon, but I get gypped by a commercial.  Alice making it happen, with her early rise and spin class, just as she did with her tireless pursuits in landing a FT teaching gig, about to be tenured.  I will hit all items on list today, all of them— long run, 3 pages, salable writing, sell something…