Words beginning day…



Development… as in character development.

06:35, and I’m ready to launch into day.  This week, I can just feel, has something tidal for the writer.  And who knows what.  Me, new assignment, new projects and challenges and I welcome every bloody one of them.  I’m thoroughly indurate (‘nother word in writer’s rack this morrow).  I’m certain that travel and my office and my vineyard are right ahead of me.  Just past the immediate visual horizon.  My character expands in this boldness, which is a set blend of bravado and Buddhist humility.  I’m on my journey, with this Monday, and all the newness ahead of me.  We need to see not half-empty or -full glasses, but the table the glass is in.  Its room.  The structure housing the room–  you in the room, what brought you there, how you got there, what decisions delivered you to that footing before this “glass”.

I feel a forwarding growl.  I will devour today, and its theoretical week.  This is not talking myself into something, and I’m not suggesting you do anything like that.  I’m offering that the growl is already there.  We have to connect with this growl, embrace that we are creative animals, and today, its loosely-sewn week, are no match for a wild creative.  The faith is in ourselves, but as well the initial urge.  My stance– measure less, cut more.  Who knows what avant-garde pose you’ll result.

Vine Street.  Here a little late, but not letting it under or over or in my skin.  Coffee too hot to even slightly and carefully sip.  Cancelled dentist appointment for tomorrow, not that I’m procrastinating, but I have this new assignment I want to put everything into.  That, and I’d be paying out of pocket.  Why not wait till dental kicks in with new gig?  Boring address but I felt I had to tell you what was floating through my scope.  I’m all over the place with ambition and sight, what I want from the morning, this entire Monday, week, new assignment, and the one word that continues to pummel me is POETRY.  Everything, around me and in the wines. I sip, in this Hutcehrson track I listen to above all the coffee machine calls and those “Done” beeps from the oven.  Everything.  My faith in Self is at an unusually elevated elevation.  I see everything below me, including my past and some parts of present.  The words that begin the day ARE my business plan.  The first thought you have in the morning, or thoughts, often have the most value.  Don’t be tempted by the successors, go with the inaugural spark.  The growth will only descend if I stay tireless, as I always brag I am.  Going to be like the vines around me on my walks— ignoring threats, any inclement weather, or sudden bluster, wandering animals or people poking and prodding and cutting at me.  Keep with what I’m impassioned to do— share the ideas… and you, don’t stop with anything, anything.  Be tireless with a loud growl in your creative posture.  Don’t just “have faith”.  Be exemplary of it.  (5/15/17)