100 Words of the Tannat I Sipped Last Night

Dark, gothic, sexy, and evasive— propelling a theatrical identity that I couldn’t quite figure out and really didn’t want to.  It spoke to me in a different language.. I couldn’t speak it back to her but I understood her, pervasively.


She wanted me to sip further and I did, and she ordered me to forget about descriptions you read in magazines or some wine website.  Smoky?  I guess…. Chocolate?  Uh, yeah, sure.  She’s not commonly seen, so I had to pay more than just a close attention— but a furthered one.

By glass three I was smitten, bemused and taken with her curvature slightest of delicious intricacies.  She’s not bottled anymore, I freed her, she rewarded me, she taught me, she kissed and taught me.. page followed by more pages, more of her song.