Dry Creek.  Small coffee and banana. 

No way was I paying $2.50 for a scone, again.  Business plan for today— Gather.  Everything.  This table in the general store, the people passing me looking at shelves… the fact I ordered a small coffee and not some tremble-tower of a cup.  I’m present and drowning away and out the 80’s hits being thrown out through the speakers.  Hutchinson in ears, me here… closer to the Road, every day.  But putting that to side, I’m in a mode of Education.  Changing of season, early taste of Summer with this vehement heat.  Change… shift… transcend.  Write about wine in ways that haven’t been attempted— when I’m not writing about wine I’m writing about wine more than most noted noters, with their cute and disgusting little “descriptors”.  I always want to ask them, but how dare I, “Is wine really that simple to you?  Just a list of fruits and spices, monosyllabic professions, maybe a word you discovered recently in the thesaurus here and there?

People have quite immediately come from all over the world to be in this valley, walked through this store to get a sandwich or some bites for a picnic, park at some winery with such tables and eat and enjoy their wine to some view of the hills, or the valley’s inexhaustible stretch.  Tasting wine, what’s in that bottle, associate it with some palate presence of edibles, building their story.  This is just a note for the day’s investiture—  Elements and artifacts of wine all around me, even the pieces that have nothing to do with sipping that puddle.  People walking all around me, in back of me which I used to hate but now somehow love as I realize this is the wine story… just walking around, looking at what’s one the shelf.  When’s the next time they’ll visit, probably not for a while, so they taste everything.  To think, wine is the smallest reality they let connect with their senses.  The enjoy the drives, the hills and valley floor, this store, who they’re with at the table, the layout of everything… the general pervasive geography of what they call “Wine Country”.  It’s more than wine.  Or any kind of ‘country’.  This is all is a tirelessly animated stage.  And I have to record it all, while being educated by all of it, and the ingredients and factions of every specific…

Learn.  And go beyond wine.  The wine isn’t minor, but it’s not the all to the all.