Daylight savings.  Not my favorite thing. 

Of any collection of things of life aspects.  7:17am, and my anatomy asks me what I’m doing up.  But it’s a welcomed test and taunt, prompt and propulsion.  Jackie very much awake playing with toys and me standing here with laptop atop kitchen island and phone charging.  Working at winery today when I usually don’t on Sundays— usually in my loft office, or I have been for the past couple weeks.  Today’s about making a lot happen in just a couple minutes.  At 7:25, I’ll quickly edit and post to blog.  Business, I tell myself, “Business.” Need to be in my office by my birthday, somehow, only 17 days, 2 months away.  I do this countdown every year.  But I’m going to stop with that, as it reiterates time and my age, and there’s so much else of me to focus on.  Last night I noted to myself, “Tomorrow I spring forward for my babies.  And MY goals.  Not for the f”cking clock.” People let day light savings fool with them unnecessarily.  I’m using it as more than just motivation, but additional life.  Additional proxy, added might and material.  Looking left out the glass of the door to the back patio, the day wakes.  It’s getting its start and asks if I want to come with.  I tell it ‘no’, as I have so much in this kitchen to do.  Springing forward to my office, to the Road.  Readers, want to join me?  I don’t mean to “follow me”, or see me as a leader, or teacher, anything.  But, matching each other’s creative energies toward what we want.  Let’s force 2017 to give us what we want, by working harder than we ever have, for anything.

Jackie lines his cars on the floor, on the border of the kitchen and family room.  I’m past deadline, at 7:26.  But I’m not concerned.  Need to have one singular aim for the day.  But what.. WHAT?  How about the day itself?  Live more than I ever have and create more than I ever have in a single day.  It’ll be difficult somewhat, being at the winery for over 8 hours, but I’ll make it happen.  Yesterday feeling like Spring, or even Summer.  Expecting today to be the same.  Wish I could somehow fit in a run.  Well, I can.. later.  Maybe after work, somehow.

Jack now demands my attention, lining the cars further into kitchen territory.  I continue to slowly wake and adjust to whatever the clock’s doing to me.  Never been a fan of DLST till now.  Why did I just mold some convenient acronym for it, daylight savings time?  See?  My mind’s everywhere.  Keep logging, I self-order.  Other parents are feeling this, other people of all sorts and professions.  How does it affect people like police officers working graveyard?  Or nurses, doctors…

Think I hear Emma waking, now.  Need to pound this coffee, quicker quicker QUICKER.

Jack’s cars and line of toys have invaded the kitchen.  Daddy’s being surrounded.  Evacuating, session over…

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