Reinvention is

a concept that’s always fascinated me.  For what… why reinvent?  Well, if you have some aim, some goal or dream… you have to want to reinvent— or more than wanting to, you’ll have to.  Something will have to change.

Creativity solves everything.  I say this over and over in class.  Now to actuate in exponential folds.  This newer Mike Madigan will be the hardest working writer in history.  Think the place just opened, hearing Jeff the owner ask, “So are we all ready?” Tempted to order something to eat, but keep expenses to a minimum.  Starting or building a business, you have to hate the idea of spending money, I’m finding.  Seems cruel now, but I know it’ll feel affable later.  But I’m hungry… what do I do.  Don’t heat.  Hunger is one of the best disciplines.. heightened awareness, swift in action and creativity, centralized and here.  Try it, reader!  I’m not saying you should go on some horrible fast, but try prolonging your next meal, see what transpires.