On lunch.  Back from vineyard walk. 

img_0987In rain.  Very much mean what I say when I walk the vineyard in sun or pour.  Already busy.  Written only a couple notes in my little book.  I’ll catch up.  Sticking to my aim of no wine tonight, and my 4am rise, tomorrow.  Stressing about time.  Only …. No, I won’t let self stress.  I’m working at work.  Work compounded, added layers… work harder and with more intent, more intention, follow through with what you intended.  And this is lunch.  This is what writers do at lunch.  They work.  They only want to work and tell their story— my book, starting in the vineyard.  Ending looking at my own vineyard.  Huh…. where, though.  Where do I want my vineyard…. Russian River?  Sonoma Valley?  Don’t need to decide now.

Video I shot in vineyard slow to upload, so I’ll just get around to that when home.  Co-worker just came in to get away from tasting room frenzy for a bit, further severing the writer’s poise, but I come back to my “lunch”.  Where I work.  Have to catch up on notes, but I need the energy of the tasting room, all the direction from the club members and first-timers to subtly instruct me or prompt me what to record.  So many times I’ve seen he tasting room as a stress trough.  But really, it’s an otherworldly buffet of subjects, of images and sounds, dialogue and character development.  NOW I SEE IT!  The tasting room IS the book!  From me welcoming people in to the first wine I pour (today, Sauvignon Blanc, then Chard, then Zin, then Rockpile Zin, then Dry Creek Cab…).  Start in the vineyard at lunch with walk and finish book in TR.  Got it.  This has been a lunch of ideas and story, chapters and creative advantages.