Morning This, again…

Realize that sometimes we wish.  Why wish?  We have everything we need right here.  When I wish I had new material, or something new off which to spring for writing, or some blog post, or something creative… I now realize, ‘WHY?’ I have everything I need.  Right here.  In what I do at the winery, in wine’s world with my business, at the JC.  Everything’s right here.  And this could be the coffee talking, but I need get even more reactive and radical in my creativity.  The coffee is very much onboard with this mentality, this morning.  Life is too short to over-measure or strew, wish for something that’s not currently a fixture in and of you.  Should have gone for a run this morning but I didn’t so I’m refusing to sulk or feel shamed… I’m going to embrace where I am on this floor, my own thoughts and reality explored and re-explored.

Woman yesterday coming into the winery after running 8 miles, she said, somewhat boast but not as I could tell she was drained from her intervals around Lake Sonoma.  ME this morning, well, I could get out there, right?  I’m wishing I had two hours to run but I don’t… no, just keep writing.  Run tomorrow.  OR, use the weights off to the left there, but the fireplace.  No wishing.. use what you have.

Have to email students this morning, or I should.  That will take time, so no.. ‘no’, what?  I don’t know.  I’m just keeping myself moving on the keyboard here with the day in sight.  Possibilities revolving around me like giggling sprites.  An otherworldly cheering section.  “I appreciate that,” I say.  Tireless writer, writing father, a morning of meditation before a stretched day at work.  Let’s see what happens, and what happens will me more, more material I could and can and will use.  Don’t wish, just pull from existing inventory.