…getting a small coffee from the caf’.  Have to sip slow, make it span the time here.  Productivity but not in a conventional way.  Told myself I’d have one sale by day’s end.  Not sure that will happen, but I’m going forward anyway.

Odd being here on campus when I don’t have to be.  Odd, but in a not-odd-at-all way.  Hear people in the hallways as always but they don’t exist.  Not to me, anyway.  Not now.  As a creative, the only scenic ingredients that exist are those you allow.

Too many things going on then I think I don’t have enough in the works, in revolution and part of my immediacy’s dilution.  “Dilution”?  No… nothing diluted.  Just remembered, have to send an email… see?  Nothing stops as this kind of writer…

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