Starting Friday morning with learning, learning from everything around me when I woke, which at first was 4-something for the wind outside from this most recent “storm”…. It teaching me to wake myself up, to wake up others, see the special snappiness in each day.  To “just live your day.  Stop complaining.” As I wrote earlier.  Life is too short for complaining, for wondering.  It’s for wandering, for exploring, for galavanting in your thoughts, in your creative, in your curiosities.  Went back to sleep for a couple but woke feeling my own storm— this creative expansiveness that will determine the remaining days of my days.

Today, we have a new president.  And all over social media I see people grieving, posting angry angles and attitudes rather than focusing on themselves.  I did not vote for this newest leader.  But, he is the president now.  And me, I’m going to continue living.  I have things I haven’t even thought yet that need me with a more than accepting mind when the ideas land.  I need to be more of a Me than I’ve ever been, for my family— my babies and wife, parents, sister.  For ME.  Today is the day that needs my profusely passionate focus and creative acumen.  No gripe, no complaints, no sulk from this scribbler.

Now at a local Starbucks as I usually am, typing and listening to a relaxing track by Shapeshifter, “Soulstice” (one of my favorite tracks of theirs), and reminded by my current placement in this coffee hut that I can have anything I want, regardless of who’s president.  This is a time for me think, mornings like this and every morning, for me exclusively, yes right now, but for all of us.  “Start every day like this,” I note to myself.  Looking around, seeing people talking, going on about their day with the story of the storm outside, but bringing them in… connectedness in all scenic ingredients.  Swearing to self that I’m getting what I want.  Do the same for yourself.  And every morning.  Not just the day before the weekend.