For the first time today

the laptop, my laptop, is off the desk.  Day comes to its close, nearly dark outside and me needing a glass of something red.  Yes, I said “needing.” Definite needing about now.  More could be done to this desk’s top, more cleaning and throwing away of things but I need another meditation…  Thinking, “What IF my laptop just died?” What would I do?  Move quick for any recovery with clients, which wouldn’t be much as most all has been submitted.  Older writings, that are just rotting away in the memory anyway, could recover them with outside help if I needed, but what if… what if I truly had to start over.  Why don’t I do it anyway?  Why don’t I just… yeah.  RESTART.

New year new ideas, new tone and story progression.  All newness for this writer so much in need of such.