If anything, this is just more reason

to post everything to the blog.  I mean, what if my computer just dies?  Crashes or whatever they say.  Noting to myself here, but I should be on an actual page.  Take a break from tech…  Fill further the Carpe journal Mom and Dad bought me.  Need to breathe, breathe and let the day fly away and only be as significant as you need it to be.

Quiet in office, this cottage where I stare at the vines and think of the vineyard I’ll one day own, the house on property which I may use as an office or rental, or just another home.  Not sure.  But to get there, I have to deal with here, the 22nd of December–  Today.  The day that’s definitely in its attack mode and just for me.  But if I don’t acknowledge its actions or the day, empirically, then nothing hurts.  There’s no damage.  The story is what it’s always been and scenes only improve.