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img_9695Too tired to write anything extensive, even if it is technically a freewrite.  But I’m intent on destroying Monday.  Absolutely unloading on it in every way possible.  From the work with a client to closing the semester on English 1A, to waking early tomorrow morning.  Not much energy in the writing father presently and I attribute that to waking early with Emma, then falling back asleep only to wake with Jack who wasn’t feeling well.  Poor bloke…  Some sort of stomach-something.  On floor in study, looking up, at fan not moving.  Heater just came on.  30-something outside.  Love Fall, Winter.  November will always be my favorite month, but this December has made me realize certain tells of Self.  Again, too tired to elaborate now, but tomorrow will actuate a new Newness about the writer.  Learning from tonight that it’s okay not to write.  It’s useful to take a break.  And like I share with students, “Some of the best writing you’ll ever do is when you’re not writing.” Taking a break and staring back up at the fan, then to my bag.  Tomorrow, Monday…  You’ll remember.  Monday…  You won’t believe what I hit you with.  Huh, now I’m not tired at all, with these thoughts of tomorrow.  But I know it’ll be more beneficial to stop, and not any further write.


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