12/17/16 poz blog

Awake, worked out a little.  Listening to music, relaxing with coffee.  Readier than ready for the day.  Taking camera to winery for shots.  There will be NO eating at lunch, none.  Only logging and capturing each second in those 30 minutes out in the vineyard.  Today is creation, an even more impassioned version of the writer.

Should be getting read now, this writing papa, but he needs this minute, or two.  Thought of my storytelling strategy for ’17, for my “branding…” Need to finish the chapbook.  Nearly done.  I’ll start with twenty copies, and go from there.  2017 will bring me everything I’ve wanted as a writer and business bloke, but I need to get certain things in tow, first.

Business plan for day… words, visuals; simplicity, but complicated and engaging, rich simplicity.

Challenge to Self: 8+ glasses of water in 8 hours.  This will test time budgeting, discipline, and acknowledging my own presence.

Can’t wait to walk the vineyard… have to wrap this sitting, even though I’m dangerously relaxed..  Thank the Craft I ironed pants last night.  So readying for day should be fairly swift and seamless.  Here I go… into the 17th…

Going to re-write the day before it has a chance to write itself.