Writing Before I Leave


Here with a little quiet before I leave for pouring at fairgrounds.  Just wrote a poem…  for first chap book.  Listening to some Thievery on Spotify… getting sick of Pandora, lately.  Need more musical focus, more rhymes, more recital, more music around my character and immediacy..

Leave at 9:15… will probably get there far earlier than I need to, but that’s how I am.. get set up then walk around, take pictures, take notes, gather story/content.  I love not knowing what’s going to happen in a day when there’s a new experience ahead.  Who will I meet?  What new wineries and winemakers and other wine characters will I meet?  What will I see?  What will I want to write about?

Offer to students to embrace Newness and charge at it, or let it charge at you, envelop yourself in it, let it envelop you.. Newness is always positive.  You have to have that lens, that positive lens.. introspection all in my circuitry this morning, so I apologize for the ranting wander, but here I am.  In the kitchen, with my coffee and music, thankful for the day, the Newness ahead, thankful for me, this life, this Literary Life… story ahead off starboard and port.

Quiet can do a lot for a writer, or anyone really.  You listen to it, and hear little.  That’s the point.  The quiet’s supposed to prepare and cure you before future noise.  And I’m quite sure this event will be rather elevated in volume.  So, again, the writer needs this.  Needs me and the music… this track, “Web of Deception”.  Bobbing my head as I was the other morning.  So ready for the day.. for my drive across town within which the music will continue.  Have to remember to arm self with the holstered journal…

Readiness for a

day, different chords, voices.

Need.  Building, world new.