12/2 – 3

Stuffing envelopes, invitations— or no, xmas cards.  Such a simple project gives me time for collection, more visions of my shop.. how the bottles are placed and displayed, if I’d have a wine club (which I don’t think I would), and how I’d continue the narrative of the business.  For lunch today, I think rather than just walk the vineyard like I always do, I might visit one of the neighbors.  See how they have their tasting room arranged and how bottles and merch’ is displayed.  Study…  Today is assuredly a day of study.  First thought: centrality, simplicity, singularity.

How I want the back office arranged, how I want my desk situated… the first day the shop opens… what will I say to people?  Don’t want to be so cheesy as many in the industry are by assuming a bright red cheek-effusive smile saying “Welcome” like eight times before they’re even halfway in.  I hate that.  I’d probably say something like, “Hey, how are you doing?” Or maybe simply, “Hey guys…” Conversation will be an integral facet to my business.  And I want it to not feel so much like a business but a lifestyle, a story… living Art.  Where you’re always invited.

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