img_8974Written nothing today, except for the poem or bit of a poem in line this morning for mocha.  Just did budget, tracking what I spend, and Starbucks needs to die.  Entirely.  As does dining out for dinner, or SRJC lunch, or like today at Dry Creek General.  Funny when you see a solution for so much right in front of your face but you ignore it anyway or somehow conveniently convince yourself not to do, rationalize it some way.  Anyway…

Took several pictures today.  Going to edit a bit, and promote.  Not that I’m turning into a photog’, just want to give it a bit more of my energy as I’ve expressed before.  Last night, on campus took a quick shot of the sun setting, as the sun sets on the semester and my year, and my patience to a certain degree.  The wine I opened tonight, a bottle of Peterson’s Shameless Red, talks to me in easy waves, language of lovable laziness, so I feel lazy but somehow productive and proud of myself for getting personal finances in somewhat of an ordained order.  Jubilant, now that I’m writing.  Tomorrow, running.  Launching from the babies’ school, into Howarth Park then to Annadel.  I will intensify my fitness efforts, re-catalyzing my running life and testing self in a physical way that will transfer and transcend to my health practices.

Today’s initial manner, discouraging.  Or was that the way the writer took it?  OR, did the day take me in that direction.  OR….. did we take each other there?  Find that I have to remind myself that I’m in control of the story.  I am.  I know I am.  So why the difficulty?  I need to edit myself, budget my emotions and efforts physical and creative more optimally.   The sun’s already set on today, and now this page.  So… till tomorrow.  Where a running writer re-writes the way he’s recently run.

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