#NaNoWriMo16 excerpt (11/7/16)

This morning woke just before 4 to help with Emma who needed a midnight snack, or early morning one anyway.  Thought about staying awake, seeing the clock and it taunting 3:40-something.  But no, when back to bed.  Shame.  But either way, here I am, trying my damnedest to consolidate fitness and this month’s literary effort.  If it’s to be personal I have to be so honest that I hope it doesn’t sell ‘cause I was too frank, too candid and transparent.

More pushups…

Held one pushup, for probably about a minute, maybe more.  Then three sets of 12 curls with the 25-pound bells I bought when I was at Sonoma State, pretty sure. Taking another minute after dancing a bit to this song.. lots on the writing father’s thought platter.  Budget, all the expenses over the past couple days, which I’m eager to here note I’ve kept quite in line.  The writing workout has morphed into a specific and new form and shape of meditation.  With the house to myself, I focus on my Self.  Want some coffee, but I’ll wait.

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