#NaNoWriMo2016, Day 7/30

img_8461In the NaNoWriMo month, day 7, I count what I spent over the past few days…  $34.92 for gas on 11/4.  $8.50 for 4-shot mocha and blueberry scone on 11/5.  $9.50 for 4-shotter, again, and sausage and egg breakfast sandwich from Hopper, 11/6.  But, yesterday, I was given a $10 tip, then a $20 bill from some more-than-kind visitors.  And, when home, bought Alice and I a pizza and salad from our favorite local operation, $30.45 which considers gratuity.  So, yesterday, considering tips and having it path the financial wounds, I only spent $9.95. Not bad, I guess.  In trying to build a business, manage its finances (which at present are none as I only accept income, putting my business on a ZERO budget, meaning NO funds may be spent on it, until the momentum drastically intensifies). Just checked bank account balance, and texted it to myself, a new habit I plan having lamented.  The goal with my business is irrevocably enhancing our quality of life, and financial FREEDOM.  Not that we’re not free now, or somehow held against our will, or are running from anything or anyone, I just want this family to know all is well, and we are freer than free.  Again, which we are, but we could be more free.  For example, a new car, as that goddamn Reich-wagon needs to be replaced.  And our forever home, and the vacation home, and my office in Healdsburg… can’t afford any of that NOW.  But, soon, when this freedom I mention is gripped, we’ll have the state I cite.

10:58— fuck.  Don’t want to get in the shower.  Want to stay here and listen to my Coltrane.  No, a shower would be good for me.  For you too.  Something that relaxes you.  Be good to yourself, and remind yourself that goalq don’t have to be goals.  They are goals as long as you allow them to be.

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