Not 4 A.M.

But it’s something.  5:55.  Went upstairs to get Emma out of her little bed, hand her to Alice for feed, walk Jackie to bathroom, now here I am.  Typing on couch and I can feel an interruption coming.  Both babies will be awake which is a bit of obstruction but I need to write, and I know this is the indication I need to be up.  Well, I can’t sleep anyway.  Trouble breathing with slow air exchange through nostrils.  Not sure if it’s allergies.  Pretty sure I don’t have a cold–  Doesn’t matter.  Here I am with an earlier than expected start to the day.  The morning of which I’m going to dedicate solely to running.  After dropping off babies, that is.

Hungry.  Must not have had enough dinner last night.  Could use coffee.  Could always use coffee.  Hear Jackie awake, talking to Alice while she feeds.  Definitely could use coffee..

Coffee in cup and the requests rattle, machinegun orders directed directly in my direction.  “Daddy, you wanna play with cars?…Daddy I’m hungry…Daddy I need a band aide, I have a ouwie on my hand…Daddy I’m hungry”…  I know, he won’t be this age forever.  I don’t need to be reminded of that, believe me.  I see how rapidly he grows and how unfairly sped my aging is.  Throw myself into the moment as daddy…

2nd cup, cartoons, waffles.  Somehow purposed self to brushing teeth.  So I have that out if he way…  Still have to get dressed, get babies dressed, fix Emma’s bottles… So much…  I’m ready for It.  I challenge It.  Bring all of IT on.