At work, and

img_8109bored again.  Not bored, more restless.  I will say, it’s not too likely you’ll be bored here at probably one of the most beautiful wineries in, well, anywhere.  And I’m not so scratch that comment.  “Why don’t you erase it?” ‘Cause I don’t want to, it’s me in this Now, and my Now is one meditative and thinking about what else I can sell.  So what can I sell… what can I say?  Forcing myself to think, meditate…

Why didn’t I wake early this morning?  That goddamn Chardonnay last night made me sleepy, and the rain only coaxed me to even more take my time waking up.  And I did.  More coffee, coffee always helps.  Eating my 2nd pbj that I packed for myself.  After that, nothing.  I’ll be hungry, I know.  I know me.  Went for a walk a bit ago, think I need another one.  Maybe I am bored, but that’s my fault no the winery’s.  Go for another walk, I tell myself.  Find inspiration.  Yeah, so easy.

Two laptops open, coffee and sandwich, phone, disfigured paper towel piece, and that’s my stage.  Need music, but I wouldn’t be able to hear it if I were to turn it on.