Leaving soon

for comedy show.  My feeling today, universally optimistic.  I’m not fretting about a thing.  Nothing.  Literally nothing.  Finished my article on the TFG wines, shot a quick video earlier, have a new client for ‘#mikemcreate’ that I’m muted in excitement about.  I will let no negativity in.  None.  Thinking ‘bout next thought, next move business-wise.  Tomorrow it’s not optional, I HAVE to wake early to get started on writing for new client.  Build MY brands…  Feeling creative, in my yay-say quake.  I’m getting closer to where I want to be as a writer, creator, artist, photographer…  Wait, AM I a photog’?  Maybe a little.  I mean, I’m alway shooting the vineyard and every wine I sip pretty much.  Wonder what wine they’ll have at the Oracle Arena.  If that’s what it’s still called…

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