#WineWednesday – wine sketchez

Fritz Winery – 2013 – Zinfandel – Dry Creek Valley/Sonoma County

I always tell people about the weird relationship Zin and I have had, how we started ourimg_7071 association in an afterburner tryst, then galactic distance, where I refused to sip Zinfandel from anywhere, which lasted over 3 years.  Recently, talks and pours have been re-catalyzed, and this bottle being the most recent encouraging shove has me scribbling madly in my Composition Book to taps of Raspberry and maple, coupled with white pepper and sweet tobacco leaf, and a tangible rhythm that would make anyone, Zin pursuer or no, stop and meditate over their glass’ contents.  More the wine opens, atmospheric oak pervades and harmonizes with the varietal’s character and more amorous ebb— certainly more engaging and entrapping than your atypical Dry Creek ‘jam hammer’ Zin.  This is deliciously antithetical Dry Creek/Sonoma County mastery, improving my communication with the all-too-expected varietal, coercing me to pour glass two, take more notes, see what else this deific wine producer holds for this Zin skeptic, but lover, then again skeptic, but after this bottle a decided lover.