Not sure what to do this time between

classes.  Part of me wants to get another snack as those sour cream & onion chips, Ruffles, did nothing for me, nor did the two protein/granola bars I had before class.  And this sparkling lemon water only makes me feel more famished, for some reason.  So what.. what does an adjunct do?  Budgeted $3 for snack and water, spent $2.57.  So do I spend more on another snack?  Wouldn’t that just too quickly negate the success of the first budgeting exercise?  Reach in bag…  $4.50 in quarters.  Could easily get a snack with that.  But what.  Coffee?  Muffin?  Ugh.. after those chips?  Gross…  Need gum, too.  Don’t need the coffee, I have this water I can nurse… so the adjunct from his shared office reasons, “Snack, gum.” Done.