And, I found room in the budget for coffee, a small one. 

So, coffee and one of the same protein bars I brought to campus, and some gum.  Coming in under budget with $0.63 on the desk to my right.  Silly exercise, but it causes me to reflect on budgeting and what it can do for someone, their business.  Small reminders from the day are often towering lessons.

Bar done, now I’m settled food-wise.  Tonight for 1A is the first Kerouac lecture.  How do I want to start it?  What do I do differently to break pattern?

More ideas land on me in these short, small, cruelly passing minutes before class.  Chew a piece of gum, that should help with the stress…  It does.  I’m overthinking.  Goddamnit…  what, do I always do that?  Stop writing, I know Mom would advise.  Stop writing, take a minute for yourself.  Take two…  Take more.