Readying for races.  Metaphor’s obvious. 

With my writing, always be at the races.  Not a chess player, or baseball player, but a race car driver.  Quick and maneuverable.  Drinking my 4-shot mocha and Jackie ever-eager to see the race cars.  I’ll record everything, my son’s reaction to these cars, their sounds and the feel of the track and as they zoom by.  I’ve never been but Dad has told me about such the scene several times.  Now, finally, I get to absorb it and translate it as I wish, for the telling of my story, my architecture as an Artist—

Do I have everything ready for the day?  Sunscreen… snacks… what else… journal for me.. charged phone.  Thoughts of a writing father, I know.  Mom should be soon here to retrieve us.  So off the laptop be’s me.  Later we talk…  -Mike