Over 1,000 words for day.  57 minutes to class.

I’m anxious, tired, unmotivated, which is odd as I set the room on fire in English 100.  Have set another fire in this writer’s soul.  Somehow.  Should have taken a nap, shit…  No, then I wouldn’t have written my ‘Intersections’ piece.  Quiet in the halls for the most part, loudest noise is this, the punching of these keys.

Gum in, after cafeteria burrito.  Told myself I wouldn’t get food here today, but my hunger steered me right through those automatic doors.  Have to run to store on way home, pick up something for sick little son.  Have to go to bed early tonight, my only project.  Not even planning on doing much writing or story tonight.  Just rest.  SLEEP.