No Such Thing as a Serious Sip

So many advise with wine in such serious octaves and speech curves, while others say something like “Oh, just enjoy…” Why not both, I wondered earlier today?  I don’t mean take wine too seriously, or have so much fun that you don’t realize the gorgeous nature of what you’re sipping, but to take your enjoyment seriously.  The other night I was sipping one of my last Cabernets from one of my favorite producers (Lancaster Estate, Alexander Valley), and noticed when the glass was empty that I sipped to fast.  I didn’t see how the wine had changed from the first glass, from when I first opened the bottle.  Not that I have to do this but this is something I normally do.  How I take my enjoyment of wine seriously, more or less, is to understand why I like a wine, like this ’12 Estate Cab.  To take my time with it and not rush.  So why did I rush with that particular pour?  Don’t know, but I know I don’t want that to be my habit.  And, so you know, I’m not advising in any capacity on wine consumership.  At all.  I’m sharing a simple idea, really.  What?  To take your time with wine, and whatever content you enjoy wine is serious, to you.  It’s your context, or should be.  Not one assigned to you.

Not sure I’m having any wine tonight, but I will be tomorrow night at a dinner.  I won’t be making it known that I’m analyzing what I’m sipping, trying to draw attention to myself in that I’m sipping seriously, or am looking for something.  Maybe I won’t be looking for anything.  Maybe I’ll just want to drink and enjoy what’s sitting in the glass for me. It’s not serious, it’s comedic when people do that— swirling in some chi-chi way or digging their nose into the glass sniffing around for some particular note.  No, I’m just going to sip.  Enjoy.  Not too impetuously.  Isn’t that serious enough?