Just wrote a page to be sold. 

Not to be posted to any blog.  Adjunct office quick-typing.  Papers graded…  Great day at fair with Alice and J… no mocha this morning, no sodas today either.  Part of lifestyle change prompted by co-workers words yesterday.  Want to wake early tomorrow to either write or run, or both.  I’ll see… would love to enjoy some wine tonight, but again the lifestyle change demands I demand more of myself to change.

5:28PM— about 12 minutes to write, maybe a slight lean less.  And back to what I said above about either running or writing, no.  Running.  I will write later in day, while on break in office.  Need to get in at least 8 miles tomorrow.  My last early run, charging and motivating me in a way I rarely am, and I remember going to work so proud of what I’d done before the day had even thought of starting.

Stopping at the store on way home…  And… so what.  Just had to remind myself I guess.  Tired from being in the sun at the fair, my little boy proving harder and harder to match in energy.  Even Ms. Alice said she was set on taking a nap after I left for class, putting Emma down beside her and Jackie in his room.  If I didn’t have this Summer course, I’d be there with them.  But if I didn’t have the 100, I wouldn’t be here writing this.  So all’s intended, and I’m fine with the fruition.

5:35.  Should start walking to the room.  Not sure how I want tonight’s session to go.  Another winged one, I suppose.  Workshop the essays, answer each other’s questions, talk about the reading from last night, and night-night.  Right?  Now I’m just rambling, I know, but that’s what happens when you’re a writer and this tired.