Waking with the cinnamon coffee or latte or whatever this is–  students from last semester at their new campus, ready for new stage and moments, momentums.  Said to myself, “I know how that feels and I want that feeling again.” The feeling of having graduated one place, one campus, to be animated in learning and grow at a new story and stage.

The learn:  I CAN.

I will take my teaching on the road, to several campuses.  I will soon be at theirs, speaking on journaling and Sylvia Plath, Kerouac, Hemingway…  Composition, ‘Comp Theory’… All interests.  I have to share these interests.  I will be at other campuses and not have to settle for certain campuses (ones I vowed to never again teach at).  Won’t name names, as that would be lateral.  I’m in for the climb.

The learn:  Remind yourself you can and NEED to climb.

So the day is up up, off, crawling forward.  I keep noting… Learning.