Lunch Break in the Vineyard

Will shoot a video, talking about my ‘writing in the vineyard’ class that starts on the 5th of September, as well as some other ideas.  Relaxed but productive day in the office so far.  Getting hungry but I need to get my content out of the way—  I mean, storytelling.  Okay… why I’m so opposed to the word ‘content’:  For its nonspecific intention, its lazy generality, and what it infers is just FILLER.  When I hear other bloggers or business owners say something like “We need more content” I always ask, “What does that mean?” What kind of “content” do you need?  Do you just want to fill a space, or make a statement, tell a story?  Just my opinion, and I’m certainly no business expert.  But I do know that telling a story is far more interesting that blindly vomiting content.

12:14PM.  Tired.  Glad I made the coffee I did this morning, or last night I mean, put it in the tumbler and and then in the freezer here in the cottage so I’m assured a lovely iced coffee later when I need it.